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De Britannicus Racine a dit, "Ma tragedie n'est pas moins la disgrace d'Agrippine que la mort de Britannicus." C'est aussi

The Harvard History of James M. Curley

Not long after his triumphant return from Danbury Prison to City Hall, the late James Michael Curley was visited, one

Pakistan Palaver

"My task," said General Mohammed Ayub Khan not long ago, "is to keep the army sound and intact and out

Rudolph States Indian Reds' Aims

"The Communist Party of India is successfully striving to give the image of itself as a constitutional party devoted to

Road to the Stars

Once the domain of oracles, astrologers, sooth-sayers, and writers of science fiction, the future is now much with many moderns.

Boston: Walk All Over

There's not much to be done about Boston anymore. But people still try. Louis M. Lyons writes that "Boston has

George Orwell: War of Words

Shortly before he died George Orwell asked that no one write his biography. Though much of his writing, even fiction,

We Are All Murderers

Several years ago, two former lawyers, Charles Spaak and Andre Cayette made a movie called Justice is Done which fiercely

Sarton; 'The Fur Person' Explores Cats and People

If The Fur Person is not like any children's book you have ever read, that may be because it isn't

The Childhood of Maxim Gorky

Autobiography was Maxim Gorky's surest talent, but he did not discover it until he was nearly fifty. By that time

Symphonie Pastorale

In the winter of 1918 Andre Gide "plunged into that tale of L'Aveugle which has been inhabiting me for so


The last issue of i.e. is little like the preceding six. There is less polemic about it. Convinced against convincing,

Hughes' I Wonder As I Wander: Reveries of an Itinerant Poet

"Most of my life from childhood on has been spent moving, traveling, changing places, knowing people in one school, in

Panofsky Examines Roman Subjects in Medieval Art

"The medieval mind couldn't conceive of the fact that classical form and classical subject matter belonged together," Erwin Panofsky, art

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and The Last Laugh

Made in the early days of the German film industry, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and The Last Laugh are