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A Mixed Bag at Stratford

STRATFORD, Ct.--The English have always been fascinated with the history of their own monarchy. Just as the ancient Greeks knew

More Than a Touch of Harry in the Night

STRATFORD, Conn.--A brand newqartistic director has taken the helm at the American Shakespeare Theatre (AST) this summer. He is Peter

The Bard

S TRATFORD, Conn.--Among Shakespeare's plays, Richard III ranks second only to Hamlet in the total number of lines, in the

Black String Musicians: Ascending the Scale

Most major practitioners of jazz have been, and continue to be, Black musicians. In the field of classical music, however,

Serving the Eye Better than the Ear

STRATFORD, Conn.--When the American Shakespeare Theatre opened here in 1955, it offered productions of Julius Caesar and The Tempest. Whether

A 20th-Century 'Julius Caesar'... ...an 18th-Century 'Twelfth Night'

STRATFORD, Conn.--Just about every one of us is vitally affected by politics and the powers attendant upon it. This was

Peers Without Peers and Dracula

In the long history of satirical tomfoolery and nonsensicality on the stage, two bodies of work constitute equal peaks: the

Worth Is Always Worth Seeing

T HE PLAY'S THE THING--or at least it ought to be. But there are times when a performer so transcends

Here and There A 'Twelfth Night'

Although it has had its strong detractors over the years, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is for many the finest comedy in