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Say Yes to America

In Bob Woodward's The Agenda: Inside The Clinton White House, we find a telling account of how President Clinton erupted


Love Is All Around

The wonderful New England weather we've been experiencing lately has forced assorted nymphs and satyrs out of hiding, encouraging them

Demand Sets Funding

The staff's notion that Brown and Harvard are somehow limiting access to women's athletics is ridiculous and insulting. The amount


Grant Educates Harvard

The Gina Grant story and the volatile and energetic debate which it has sparked offer an important opportunity to discuss


Koestner's Calling It Rape

It must have been a slow news day. Last Wednesday, The Crimson, inexplicably, decided that not only was Katie Koestner's

Getting to Work

T he problems which beset professional women--in all of their zeitgeist-framing import--often make for good copy. And while their concerns


Pudding Ritual is a Drag

Am I the only person on campus who is utterly repelled by the sight of corset-clad grotesques high-kicking in a

New Law Unnecessary

The cigarette has entered a new phase. More than a health hazard, it is now considered an accomplice to immorality.

Give Students Choice

The staff's editorial does not address the disturbing expansion of the administration's parietal role in students' affairs. Clearly, as a


Academia Succumbs To Desire

A few years ago, being considerably brighter of eye and bushier of tail, I was enrolled in a research workshop


Angels In America

As the millenium approaches the semioticians among us turn quite naturally to the New York Times Book Review bestseller lists

Wolf Was Censored

The staff's blithe condemnation and dismissal of Cameron S. Wolf, ("a self-described artist") and by extension, his work, astounds me.


The Body Politic

* The politicization of illness may be beneficial. The body's betrayal is the worst kind of treachery. Physical collapse or


The Good Mother

I'd like to think that at the end, the car in which Alex and Michael Smith were trapped turned into


Masters Of The Universe

I must confess to being partial to both millionaire venture capitalists (and others who feed from the investment banking trough)