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Dispatch from Nicaragua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua--Managua's ragged army of the poor awakens early to prepare for work. Within the thousands of cardboard and tin

Portuguese Junta May Retain Colonies

The military takeover last week in Portugal opens up a 0number of possibilities for the country's future, but immediate independence

Nixon Letter Pledges Support To Embattled Lon Nol Regime

The White House confirmed yesterday that President Nixon sent a personal letter to Cambodian president Lon Nol pledging that the


An anniversary passed almost unnoticed last week. One year ago January 23, the United states initialed the peace agreement which

Urban Guerrillas Try to Fight Military Rule

T O CALL THEM bandits is just plain wrong--the real bandits in South America wear army uniforms or conservative business

Imperialism: Then, and Now

Ba. young Vietnamese cabin-boy, left his ship in New York just before the outbreak of World War I and went


Elliot L. Richardson '41 is an improbable hero. But in Nixon's Washington jungle almost anything passes for courage, and Richardson's

CHUL Nixes ROTC Poll

Is ROTC an issue at Harvard? President Bok, Dean Rosovsky and the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) think

Teach-In on Chile Tonight to Feature Film, Speakers

A group of Harvard students are sponsoring a teach-in tonight that will attempt to explain the recent military takeover in

Rosovsky Takes Over as Dean of the Faculty

Henry Rosovsky will begin his first full year as dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this Fall, and

New Agreement Registers Pathet Lao Advances

When the Laotian peace agreement is signed, it will be the third time in the past two decades that the

Harvard East Asian Experts Are Wary of Cambodian Peace

Three of Harvard's leading East Asia experts reacted skeptically yesterday to President Nixon's pledge last week to end the Cambodian

Harvard Was Quiet, But Vietnam Will Win

Time Magazine, the preacher to the Nation, is fond of weighing the returns from Harvard heavily when it sifts through

Bok, Calkins Are Catalogued As Nixon Foes

President Bok heads a group of Harvard luminaries named in a list of "political opponents" of the Nixon Administration made

Bunting, Ball Head Degree Award List

Mary I. Bunting, past president of Radcliffe, and George W. Ball, a high-ranking diplomat under Presidents John F. Kennedy '40