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The Century-Old Merger Issue

From the time of its founding in 1879, Radcliffe contained what many thought would be the seeds of its own

ROTC Makes A Stormy Exit

L AST FALL Harvard's political Left and Right mobilized their constituencies around an issue that the Faculty had presumably resolved

China's Expansionism: Struggle for Control Over Border Provinces

T HE HISTORY of China has been a model history of imperialism in Asia. Over the last two millenia Chiese

Unclear National Returns

Off years on the election circuit are ordinarily dull routines. Last Tuesday's elections were no different, but many political observers

ACSR May Weigh University's Role In Arkansas Environmental Dispute

The Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility may study the necessity and environmental repercussions of a power plant proposed by the

Affirmative Action Delayed Again

For three years now Harvard has been trying to meet federal standards for a non-discriminatory hiring plan. For three years

School Reforms in Need of Reforming

Cambridge, unlike other New England cities is not a battleground for Democrats and Republicans. It is a watering-hole for two

Harvard Status May Delay OK Of Hiring Plan

Harvard's prominent status in the academic world may be a stumbling block to federal acceptance of the University's non-discriminatory hiring

Mid-East Cools Off

Two subjects dominated the American press this week, and the developments in one may not have been unrelated to the