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RUS Debates Male Suffrage

Claiming that the group's membership policy discriminates against men, several students called for the admission of men as voting members

Dunster Masters Request Student Input in Tutor Hiring

Implementing Dunster House's revised tutor selection process, House Masters Karel F. and Hetty Liem sent a letter to Dunster students


T racy M. Tefertiller '94 has been tracking the spending habits of 400 teenage girls. "I spend a lot of

Club Denies WAC Prank

Officers of the Delphic Club strongly denied this weekend that any of their members were involved in a prank played

Is Harvard Dining Services SERVING Your Needs?

For the first 17 years David M. Lentini worked in Harvard's dining halls, about one or two students a day

Conference Addresses Separatism's Pros, Cons

Separatism causes problems when the language surrounding it is imprecise, the Rev. Eugene Rivers '83 said during a conference in

Faculty, Students Discuss Classroom Gender Dynamics

Faculty and students participating in a roundtable discussion on classroom dynamics and gender last night agreed that it is too

Students Call for End Of Radcliffe College

A panel of student leaders last night called for the abolition of Radcliffe's administration and the integration of its programs

WAC Petition to Include Men

Women Appealing for Change (WAC) will begin targeting men to support their boycott of Harvard's nine all-male final clubs, organizers