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Go Fishing Instead

I f I were Colin Powell, I would decline Harvard's offer to speak at Commencement. Not because of the agitation

Only Students Can Solve Racial Problems

Like mad scientist eager to test their new creation, the staff insists they have the cure to a disease which

No Seat for Lunch

The staff obviously misunderstands the essential purpose of the Cafe. The action taken by HDS makes it clear that service

The Spotted Owl Crowd at The Crimson

While I join the majority in commending Michael Berry and encouraging other improvements in the Harvard dining experience, I strongly

Even the Russians Do It

T he staff editorial is utterly misguided. Complete school choice is the inevitable solution if we are serious about improving

Don't Open Floodgates

While we share the staff's concern about acquaintance rape, we must voice our objections to their endorsement of such a

Take Back the MAC

W ITH THE arrival of spring comes the predictable surge of activity at the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) as Harvard

We Need Final Clubs

T o their credit, the majority is at least consistent in opposing all single-sex clubs, even ones formed by female

That's Not the Anita Hill I Knew

P IOUS PLATITUDES notwithstanding, God is not on the side of the editorial board of The Crimson. Still, in spite

Why I Like Dean Clark

Enough of this push-over attitude from university administrators. If protesters break the law, throw'em in jail. F UNNY, ISN'T IT.

Same Old Drivel

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Once again final clubs are in the news. And once again the majority has succumbed to the

Mind Your Manners

W ITH THE ARRIVAL of BGLAD week, Harvard can look forward to those depressingly juvenile exchanges between gay activists and

The War Will Hurt the Democrats

W HEN THE DEMOCRATIC caucus in Congress met just before Christmas to discuss the party line on the Gulf Crisis,

But It's Better Than Death

I N SCORNING Mother Harvard's concern for her students, the majority demonstrates a childish disregard for the complexities underlying Epps's

Sanction Skeptics

T HE staff implicitly assumes that time is working against Saddam Hussein. While the flaws in the staff's opinion are