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Prejudicial Weapons

R ECENT WARS in the Middle East and Vietnam have further revealed the inadequacies of international conventions regarding the possession

The Middle East: Oil For Peace

T HE MIDDLE OF a war is perhaps the wrong time to contemplate the future of a region. The outcome

The World Beckons

E DWIN O. REISCHAUER is preeminent among scholars in his ability to express complex issues in a comprehensible manner. In

A Liaison For What?

I N THE NEXT few weeks, China and the United States will officially open liaison offices in each other's capitals.

Spreading Aggravation

L EAVES are again rustling in the winds of Indochina. Instead of panicking at the sound of their crackling as

Hell for the Revolution of It

S EVENTEEN YEARS after his Communist Party came to power, Chairman Mao Tse-tung launched the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" to

An Appeal for Amnesty

D EAR PRESIDENT NIXON, Your comments on January 31 about granting amnesty to Americans who chose to go abroad rather

The Last Charade

M ORE THAN A MONTH has passed since Dr. Kissinger and his boss assured the world of the imminence of

The Eagle and the Fox

W HETHER PRESIDENT NIXON will choose now, after re-election, to negotiate a settlement of the war on terms that are