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Seek Truth, But Don't Expect It

T he statue of John Harvard bears no reference to veritas. Too bad. If it did, the Crimson Key tours

The Allure of Youth Politics

J ust hours into his presidency, Bill Clinton had 11 official balls to attend-including one honoring his native Arkansas. But

Speech Evokes Kennedy Legacy

WASHINGTON--Bill Clinton, who displayed a keen instinct for symbolism in his run for the presidency, showed yesterday that he would

Clinton Sworn in as 42nd U.S. President

WASHINGTON--Four months after his election-day victory, Bill Clinton yesterday took the presidential oath of office, delivered a poetic inaugural address

Clinton to Take Oath Of Office Noon Today

WASHINGTON--Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton will assume the presidency at noon today, after he is sworn in by Chief Justice William

Youth Town Meeting

WASHINGTON--Close to 5,000 high school and college students packed a George Washington University auditorium yesterday for a "youth town meeting."


A cold February morning last year, I was woken up by a call from then Crimson Managing Editor Brian Hecht.

What Lies Beyond The Masquerade

A t my high school, where everyone knew each other and gossiped and skipped classes slyly and with caution, my

New Movies

I n his 1987 release, This Note's For You, Neil Young took a lyrical stab at Eric Clapton, who sold

Dersh & Me

M y dad wants to know if I've gone to see Alan Dershowitz. He asks every other week. Enough. Enough,

Harvard Must Help

The staff is wrong to attack North House residents. One of the few advantages to house life is the serenity

Eyes on the News

C linton is up in the polls--by as much as 16 points in one instance. Those who once backed Ross

Writing for Living

T he first time we talked, my dean asked if I was the same Josh Shenk from The Crimson. He


T he first time we talked, my dean asked if I was the same Josh Shenk from The Crimson. He

Ashamed to Wear My Bat-Shoes

T he other day I caught an episode of the old Batman television series, starring Adam West as millionaire Bruce