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Crusaders Nip Crimson, 6-5, On Walks, Ninth Inning Error

WORCESTER, Mass.--You had to figure it would end some bizarre way. A game that saw a total of 21 walks

Men Last Again, Women Slip to Ninth

It was cold up at Dartmouth. Cold enough to preserve the trucked-in snow on the cross country course. Cold enough

Rich Horner

He is proof of the fallibility of Murphy's Law, evidence that size does not necessarily determine athletic ability and testimony

Don't Forget Galoshes

As the Harvard football team watched its 6-2 halftime lead dissolve in the first five-and-a-half minutes of the third period,

Of Meteors and Bears

Somebody has got to stop it. It has gone up and down the East Coast leaving battered athletes and demoralized

Crimson Gridders Drop Fifth Straight

How many games are won by teams that rush for minus 35 yards in the first half? It almost happened

Of Machines and Alumni

This is the story of a machine. Actually several machines. First there is my car. You know the familiar story--"when

Defense's Doomsday

The scoreboard showed Dartmouth with ten points when time expired, but you would have thought it was 40 listening to

Green Slide Into Town

This is it. Both statistically and emotionally today's game is more than crucial. After four weeks with an unsettled and

Big Red Crush Crimson at Schoellkopf

ITHACA, N.Y.--Quarterbacks. Their importance in Ivy League football was demonstrated compellingly on Saturday. The whole circuit was looking for signalcallers

Cornell Swamps Crimson, 41-14

ITHACA, N.Y.--Harvard football fans' worst nightmares almost came true today, as the Crimson's third quarterback of the season, Mike Smerczynski,

Cornell Tips Booters, 1-0, After Double Overtime, 105-Minute Tense Contest

ITHACA. N.Y.--"After 45 minutes, Cornell zero, Harvard zero," "After 90 minutes, Cornell zero, Harvard zero." "After 100 minutes, Cornell zero,

Buchanan Thrown QB Reins

In August, almost the entire Ivy League went on a safari known as the Great Quarterback Hunt. As Harvard coach

Football Squad Fit to Face Saturday's Battle With UMass

Aside from assorted bumps and bruises, the Crimson football squad escaped healthy and victorious from Columbia's Baker Field last Saturday.

Crimson Cages Lions In '79 Season Opener

NEW YORK-There was a suspicious aura surrounding this game. Was Columbia as bad as Penthouse said it was in ranking