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He Stalks Himself

T HE HIMALAYAS are at the brink. They jut out from the land-based solid world into another, to thin space

Perpetuating an American Stereotype

F IRST THERE WAS Custer Died For Your Sins. Then there was Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, Now there

Disobedience a la Thoreau: The Case of Gus Yates

Gus Yates did not set out to break the law. Instead, he wanted to climb a mountain. He took calculated

Be My Gypsy

I F YOUR GRANDFATHER'S a king, your father's a drunk, your mother's a thief and you're a gypsy, your situation

A New China For the New Year

T HE TRADITIONAL Chinese New Year does not fall on January 1, but that day did mark a new era

Mead: A Humanist's Legacy

I REMEMBER Margaret Mead. In ninth grade she addressed a school assembly. More than her words, her image stuck in

Hell and High Water

You can't cry. You have to keep going. What is that wildflower? A sky pilot. Am I shivering? Not yet.

Unbiased Mountains

A NNAPURNA is not your run-of-the-mill New England foothill. It isn't even your average Himalayan peak. Annapurna is the tenth

Winthrop Student Wins Newport Seat In N.H. Assembly

David B. Campbell '79-3 is no longer your average Winthrop House resident. As of last night he is also an

In Search of Teddy White

He followed excitement. From wat, in China to peace in Europe to Presidential campaigns in America. Theodore H. White's In

Substance Over Form

H E IS OLD, so is she. They live in the same building yet you see them pass each other

In Search of Prosperity--and Parity

Last month more than 5000 farmers from 41 states descended on Washington, D.C., to publicize their plight and to demand

Colleges Lose Students

A recent national survey linked a decline in college enrollment to the end of the Vietnam war but several officials