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My Santa's No Secret

I 'll admit it. I'm Jewish. I don't go to Hillel; I eat my share of shrimp; and I listen

My Hillary Factor

I have a confession to make. I'm in love. But the object of my devotion is pledged to another. In

In Your Face, George!

Mr. May. The man who couldn't hit when it counted. The choker. The hero. With one mighty swing, Dave Winfield

Putting Elvis First

O n August 16, 1977, the American political system received a blow from which it has yet to recover. On

It's Just Not in the Cards

I DIDN'T HAVE an easy spring this year. I was shivering in my winter jacket until late May. I wrote

Spinning Webs of Baseball Strategy

Baseball Inside Out By Bruce Shain Viking Penguin Books W hen criticized once for making a move not strictly "by

Rock the Vote

Editor's Note: This is the first in an occasional series of editorials examining the issues surrounding the Elvis stamp. We

Message: Do Something Real for Health Care

"[M ESSAGE: I CARE.]" Spooked by Pat Buchanan's strength in the New Hampshire polls, George Bush stumbled through January feebly

Dump the Draft Forever

A LOT OF ink has been spilled in the past few months over the question of the draft. Now that