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Sept. 31 A Gore Street resident reports that sometime between 4:40 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. an unknown person stole clothing

Redefining Merit

W ith all the talk this past year about colleges offering more "competitive" financial aid packages to attract more meritorious

New Activist Groups Become PBHA Members

Students seeking service and social change may find their organizations of choice a bit better funded after a recent vote

A History of College Drinking Fatalities

Drinking deaths on American college campuses are not uncommon. A timeline of recent major incidents involving underage alcohol shows that

Marshall Plan Remembered

The ARCO Forum was covered yesterday with flags of the sundry countries helped by the billions in aid that became

Loker Fights Financial Distress

Shortly after its opening in January of last year, Loker Commons--the campus' much anticipated new student center--drew a cult of

Harvard: Generations

At tomorrow's Commencement, one mother-daughter pair will have twice as many reasons to celebrate. For Willow S. Lawson '97 and

Departments Center in on Barker

Those students and alumni who spent their first year here eating beneath the butter-besplattered ceiling of the historic Freshman Union

Book Lovers Sample Literary Wares

Yesterday afternoon, book-lovers took advantage of the sunny weather to sample the literary wares offered at Harvard Square's third annual