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Ending April's Cruelest Day

"I f you are married filing separately and your spouse files Form 1040 and itemizes deductions, see page 36 and

Forensic Etiquette

M any of us at Harvard pride ourselves on our willingness to hear both sides of an argument and to

Developing the Student Body

T here are too many fat students at Harvard. These students can be seen just about everywhere. They are talented

A Lesson in Liberty

D own but not out, educational voucher propositions live on. The disheartening defeat of California's voucher initiative, Proposition 174, on

Escape From Expos

W hy do so many student conferences with expository writing teachers end in confrontation--while conference with professors more often end

Liberty in Health Care

T he unregulated market is the basis of every free and successful society. Unrestricted trade has enabled competition among men

Alumnus Charges Deficit Fraud

Harvard must find original ways to manage current financial resources even as it develops new resources, according to the University's

Council Bans Funded Travel To Cities That Discriminate

The City Council passed a resolution Monday prohibiting the use of city funds for travel to or from any state

HUPD on Patrol

This is not your parents' Yale Weekend. It's not even your older brother's Yale Weekend. Gone are the days of

Bush Could Be Yale President

President Bush is rumored to be on a list of potential candidates to succeed Benno C. Schmidt Jr. as president

Ruptured Water Main Reddens Tap Water

Tainted, reddish brown and slimy, or none at all--these were the water options facing Harvard students and many other Cambridge

Stadium May Come to City

Instead of trekking to Foxboro to catch an afternoon Patriots' game, Cantabrigians may find the team moving to their backyard,

Telephone Office Delays Billing

The Harvard Student Telephone Office will send the first bills of the year this week, an official said yesterday. "We

Memo Draws Fire

A Business School memo that grouped women and African-Americans with low risk takers and persons with a low capacity for

First-Year Assaulted Near 29 Garden Street

A Harvard undergraduate was assaulted by four juveniles Monday night as he walked through the Cambridge Common to his Garden