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The Content of His Character

F OR THE RECORD: Neil L. Rudenstine does not read People magazine. Ditto for Omni and Playboy. His taste in

In Search of the Real Neil

A LL RIGHT, I admit it. Neil L. Rudenstine sounds like a pretty good choice for the presidency of Harvard.

Bigger Isn't Better

T HE COLOSSAL, overwhelming, mammoth size of Harvard's library system is a well-documented fact. Tour guides comment on it every

Harvard Grad in Israel: Situation `Very Serious'

For most Americans, the first word of Iraq's second missile attack on Israel came shortly after 12:30 a.m. Friday night,

Finalists Selected For Top Police Job

Cambridge has whittled its list of candidates for the newly created job of police commissioner down to a group of

Cookies Spark Fire Scare In Quincy House Kitchen

A simple experiment in chocolate chip cookie baking got a little out of hand last night, as a small fire

Reservoir Hit by Chlorine Spill

A one-ton tank of chlorine sprung a leak at a Cambridge water filtering plant yesterday, releasing a pool of highly

Gay Activists Barred From Bellotti Reception

BOSTON--About 15 members of the gay rights group Queer Nation were barred from a reception at Francis X. Bellotti's campaign

. . .and More Than You Bargained for

S OME people are naturally happy. Offer them an obstructed-view seat at Fenway Park and they will swoon over the

Allegations of Racism Ignite Citywide Debate

By the time the Commonwealth Day School became a hot topic of debate in the city of Cambridge this fall,

Council Passes Pollution Laws

The City Council decided to think globally and act locally Monday night, enacting a set of tough ordinances designed to

Mass. Cities Score Victory on Local Aid

Massachusetts cities and towns appeared to have scored a clear victory this week in their fight with Gov. Michael S.

Late Arrivals Fail to Spoil Ceremony

William Dawes was an hour late again, but that didn't really matter. To the 75 or so people gathered in

Former Mayor Adjusts To New Role in City

Two months after his electoral defeat forced him to retire as mayor of the nation's largest city, Edward I. Koch

One Owner Lays His Claim: Rosovsky Lends Counsel

If The University: An Owners Manual is anything to judge by, Henry Rosovsky's view of the modern American research university