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In Search of the Real Neil

A LL RIGHT, I admit it. Neil L. Rudenstine sounds like a pretty good choice for the presidency of Harvard.

Bigger Isn't Better

T HE COLOSSAL, overwhelming, mammoth size of Harvard's library system is a well-documented fact. Tour guides comment on it every

Harvard Grad in Israel: Situation `Very Serious'

For most Americans, the first word of Iraq's second missile attack on Israel came shortly after 12:30 a.m. Friday night,

Finalists Selected For Top Police Job

Cambridge has whittled its list of candidates for the newly created job of police commissioner down to a group of

Cookies Spark Fire Scare In Quincy House Kitchen

A simple experiment in chocolate chip cookie baking got a little out of hand last night, as a small fire

Reservoir Hit by Chlorine Spill

A one-ton tank of chlorine sprung a leak at a Cambridge water filtering plant yesterday, releasing a pool of highly

Gay Activists Barred From Bellotti Reception

BOSTON--About 15 members of the gay rights group Queer Nation were barred from a reception at Francis X. Bellotti's campaign

. . .and More Than You Bargained for

S OME people are naturally happy. Offer them an obstructed-view seat at Fenway Park and they will swoon over the

Allegations of Racism Ignite Citywide Debate

By the time the Commonwealth Day School became a hot topic of debate in the city of Cambridge this fall,