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Miles's Favorite Child

M ILES. That's right, Miles Davis. This music--Tony William's, John McLaughlin's, Chick Corea's, Herbie Hancock's, Joe Zawinul's--is his music and

Quadrophenia: Townshend Redux

There are a finite number of "Great Moments in Rock Music." But they're an elusive lot--like lists of good movies,

Public Hero Number One

I 'M WATCHING television again. Now that I'm living alone in the city. I've had to tune in on patterns

Song of the South

L OOK AT the album cover. Hard core normalcy at its best. Kids and wives, dogs and roadies, one big

You May Just Have to Break Out...

I GREW UP in the house with singers. In fact, you can call me a prodigy, the point needs little

Simon Says: Diversify

I ASSUMED I wouldn't like Paul Simon. I didn't like Simon and Garfunkel. Arthur was as precious as anyone deliberately

Maybe You Had to Be There

S UCH A GORGEOUS Kid Like Me is a funny movie. Now, The 400 Blows was a zany movie. Shoot

More or Less A Memoir

Lately I've been falling in love with barmaids. If you spend the kind of time in bars that I spend

Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory

T HERE'S SOMETHING about calling a song "Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired." It's leading. Critics jump at the chance to

Top of the Pops

I "Everybody's in then biz and everybody's a star." I APPROACHED THE KINKS from ignorance. Not total ignorance but one

One More Moondance With Van

W HEN VAN MORRISON composed and wrote Astral Weeks, he lived over on Green Street, between here and Central Square.