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A Living Memorial to JFK?

T HE GALA OPENING of the new Kennedy School of Government Saturday provided sharp contrasts and contradictions that were almost

King Pong Wins Upset Over 60 Boylston Brass

Harvard's most recent rags to riches saga would cause even Horatio Alger to pull a three-point turn from six-feet under.

You Can Save Harvard ... Or You Can Turn the Page

Did you ever wonder why a great college like Harvard is screwed up in so many little ways? Did you

Massacre of Valentine's Day

Honey, you've taught me the meaning of love...Love means never having to say you're horny. You're a real sweater girl...And

Disaster Center Snowed by Motorists While Police Ban Skiers in Cambridge

While Harvard students took advantage of the big blizzard to relax and frolic in the snow, workers at the Governor's

Drugs Sold Here Laced With PCP Cause Severe Reactions in Students

Several undergraduates who experienced severe physical and psychological reactions after ingesting illegal drugs purchased in Cambridge have caused University administrators

Blues for the Bagman

Boston lost one of its best and most underrated lecturers last week. A dedicated environmentalist, Robert Karl Deger often left

Epps Committee

The Committee on Race Relations at Harvard College met for the first time yesterday and spent most of its time

Trouble Starts Early For Epps

WHEN Archie C. Epps III, dean of students, invited the leaders of four principle minority organizations on campus to sit