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How One Goes About Raising $82.5 Million

It was raining last Friday when William B. Suchmann walked into his temporary office in Massachusetts Hall. He seemed remarkably

Faculty Votes Today on Fate Of Visual Arts

The long-range status of the Visual Arts at Harvard may be determined this afternoon at a meeting of the Faculty

'Instincts to Lead' Important Test In Selection of Rhodes Scholars

For 96 American university students--including a number from Harvard--today is a very important day. Before it is over, 32 of

Graduate Admits Wrecking Geology Museum's Elevator

It seemed like an accident--nearly a disastrous one--when the Geological Museum's elevator crashed into the basement, almost killing the two

A Harvard Radio Station for Greater Boston

Some 250,000 Greater Boston FM listeners may soon have the opportunity to find out whether or not their tastes are

Princeton Coach, Game Movies To Appear on 'Omnibus' Sunday

Princeton football coach Charlie Caldwell will analyze filmed portions of today's game with Harvard on a nationally televised program tomorrow

Science Fiction Does Not Mean Spaceship Cowboys

In the early days of 1944, a story entitled "Deadline" appeared in the magazine, Astounding Science Fiction. It included a

Crimson Power on Ground Overcomes Indians, 28-21

Students must file ticket application envelopes for the Princeton football game today at the H.A.A. Discount slips entitle the student

Integration Becomes A Fight Over Principles

More than two years ago, headlines in the United States and around the world proclaimed the end of second class