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The Beggar's Opera

(A new version of Faust opened at the Theatre on the Green in Wellesley Tuesday evening and will run until

Ike's Outlook Supported by 3 Economists

Three University economists last night gave a tentative approval to President Eisenhower's optimistic view of the nation's economy for the

Doctor in the House

Doctor in the House is a movie about the lives and (jolly good) times of four medical students. Offhand I

The Harvard Advocate

It is probably unfair to both the Advocate and James Buechler to begin a review of the magazine's Spring Issue

White Christmas

For those semi-intellectuals who scout among the theatre listings, searching for ripe-sounding films at which they will be able to

Globemanship: II

When up against an obviously superior practitioner of Globemanship, an audacious ploy, one best used by stay-at-homes of an intellectual

Globemanship: I

For thousands of embittered American youths, this Fall will prove a time of crisis. Muffled by the tinkling joviality of

1929: Born 'n Bred in a Briar Patch

The summer of one's senior year is traditionally a time for a last fleeting bout of irresponsibility before Entering the

Knock On Wood

Danny Kaye, like most genuine comedians, is at his best as a scat-back, alone in an open field. As soon