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E VERY MAN is an island. In Rembrandt's Hat, Bernard Malamud presents a choice new collection of short stories, and

More Sinned Against Than Saintly

F RANCO ZEFFIRELLI has fallen victim to the youth movement. In an attempt to tell the story of St. Francis

Ingmar Bergman Stresses Couples, Critic Simon Says

"Hell alone, or hell together" is the question Swedish movie director Ingmar Bergman poses in his films, critic John Simon

Bernard Malamud: A Writer's Experience

I N A LITERARY WORLD that loves to pin labels on its writers, Bernard Malamud has often been called the

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Y OU AINT ANY CRAZIER than the average asshole on the street," decides Randle P. McMurphy, the hero of Ken

Caught in the Parent Trap

B ACK IN THE '50's little blonde poppets land parent-traps for their unsuspecting elders and the sacred foursome of the

The Coming of Age in Tokyo

I N THE COMING OF AGE, Simone de Beauvoir recounts the plot of the ancient Japanese novel Narayama. It tells

Against the Feminist Telescope

T HE LEVEL of literary criticism in the women's movement today is shamefully low," Elizabeth Hardwick told me, the afternoon

Festival May 1 to May 14

W OULD you believe an arts festival at Harvard? How about a celebration of spring entitled the Harvard Square Arts