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Harvard's Duehay Opposes School Board Appointment

Francis H. Duchay, Vice Chairman of the Cambridge School Committee, yesterday called the appointment of Francis J. Frisoli '35 as

Caution Reigns in Education, Sizer Says

A "new mood of skepticism" toward educational reform has replaced the "almost utopian" optimism of educators during the early 1960's,

Sizer Takes Sabbatical; Cotton to Act as Ed Dean

Dana M. Cotton, secretary of the Graduate School of Education and Director of Placement, takes over today as acting dean

Ed School Approves Two Reform Measures For Master's Program

The Ed School faculty yesterday approved a new Learning Environments program, despite the outspoken opposition of a dozen of its

Danforth Foundation Cuts Fellowship Aid To Harvard Ed School

The Danforth Foundation last week announced that it is withdrawing the balance of a $1 million grant which backed the

Ed School Faculty Faces Major Reform of Programs

The Ed School faculty yesterday began formal debate on a proposal for massive regrouping and reorientation of the school's resources.

School Board Will Pursue Hunt for Superintendent; Frisoli's Job in Doubt

The Cambridge School Committee will continue through to the previously agreed-to January 15th deadline its nation-wide search for a permanent

School Committee Is Still Stewing Over Possible Frisoli Appointment

Politics still remain a step ahead of progress in the Cambridge School Committee's battle over the appointment of a permanent

Flowers The Greening of America

house. $6.95. To want to change the condition of affairs seemed futile to me; nothing would be altered, I was

School Committee Backs Experimental Pilot School

The Cambridge School Committee voted 5-1 last night to continue the Cambridge Pilot School at least through June 1971. The

Mayor Vellucci Comes to Tea

Cambridge Mayor Alfred E. Vellucci yesterday blasted Harvard's recent decision to charge its employees $10 per month for parking on