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Religion in Nebraska

"God is a alive and well," he told me, leaning over the bar, "and his name is Tom Osborne." Tuesday

Heart-Attack Gang Drops Another

A Harvard men's basketball loss these days has about as much grace and subtlety as the death of a great

Holy Cross Crucifies Cagers

Few things in life can make an honest man. His mother. His wife. Tight gym shorts. And, a late-game, all-out,

Murphy's Last Stand

A throng of frustrated Harvard students fought tooth and nail for a Yale College flag. A Yale junior leaned over

V-Ballers Fall to Brown at Invite

Volleyball is a "groove" sport. You're either in one or you're out of one; there's rarely a middle ground. Harvard's

W. Netters Ready For Harvard Invite

This weekend's Harvard Invitational would seem like the calm before the storm for Harvard's women's volleyball team. The meet comes

Ivy Soccer's Climax: Harvard vs. Brown

All the kicks, headshots, surprises and disappointments from a whole season of Ivy League season will come down to one

Women V-Ballers Lose Two on Road

Losses hurt. Close losses usually hurt worse, And the closest of loses, those decided by one or two plays out

Don't Miss the Dartmouth Game

There are two things at Harvard, an older and wiser roommate of mine once told me, that are never in