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City Voter Turnout Moderate

Voter turnout was termed "moderate" yesterday by Cambridge Election Commission officials as one of the city's duller biennial campaigns and

City Council Race A Lackluster Affair

The dullest political campaign in recent Cambridge history drags to a close this week as voters head to the polls

Nixon Fires Cox, Abolishes His Office; Richardson Resigns His Post in Protest

Special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox '34 saw the latest and most critical mission of his turbulent legal and academic career

Hard Times for Planners in East Cambridge

K ENDALL SQUARE is in the middle of things. Just down Main Street across the Longfellow Bridge loom the skyscrapers

Citizens Decry Kendall Square Redevelopment

Residents of the East Cambridge and Central Square neighborhoods jammed the City Council chambers last night to protest a controversial

Residents Allege Kendall Square `Deal'

Angered residents of East Cambridge organized by Hard Times and the Cambridge Tenants Organizing Committee overflowed the City Council chambers

Calamity Before the Storm

T HE NEXT ELECTION in Cambridge is seven months off, but anyone who ventures near the City Council chambers on

Citizen Clubs Ask Council to Oppose Building of Station

Several prominent Cambridge citizen groups attacked the proposed construction of a power transmission station on an 10.5 acre site in

YRB to Implement City Job Program For Local Youths

After an hour of debate punctuated by the boisterous cheers of a gallery full of East Cambridge youths, the City

City Sets 1 1/2-Year Moratorium On Cable Television Licenses

The Cambridge City Council last night placed a 12-month moratorium on entertaining applications for cable television franchises in the city

City Council Asks Rent Control Board To Convene Daily

The Cambridge City Council last night directed the city's Rent Control Board to meet daily until it has completed its

Cambridge Considers Options For Modernization of Schools

The renovation of Cambridge's two high schools will cost nearly as much as the construction of two totally new structures,

Continental Overcomes Delays Will Open as Scheduled Today

The University, winning a race against wine, will open the old. Hotel Continental to student occupancy today, despite delays in

Politics Badger the Schools of Cambridge

The complicated issue as to who is the real superintendent of Cambridge public schools will be tested next week in

Professors Research Democratic Platform

This year's Democratic platform may sound like Teddy Roosevelt's 1912 Progressive Party platform if it is to reflect the mood