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Thumbing the Friendly Skies

The tanned young man offered both of us another pina colada. Beneath us the sun played on the Caribbean and

A Former CIA Agent Finishes Law School

John T. Downey, who prepared for Harvard Law School by spending 21 years in a Chinese prison, graduated from the

Two Years Later, Still the Only Woman

In the fall of 1974 the Harvard University Police Department hired its first female officer. Two years later Joan White

UHS Urges Second Dose Of Vaccine

In a departure from its original plan, University Health Services (UHS) yesterday opened a ten-day program to offer students who

HSA goes hunting

Anyone could misplace one refrigerator, or even two or three if they were counter size. But it takes a professional

HSA Official Now Calls Theft Likely

A Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) room-by-room search through undergraduate dormitories has so far uncovered fewer than 50 refrigerators, and officials

HSA Loses One-Third Of Its 600 Refrigerators; Theft Thought a Possibility

Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is missing about 200 refrigerators--roughly one-third of its total inventory--and officials of the agency are unsure

The Garden Is Still At Peace

Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard's elegant estate in the nation's capital, houses a library of Byzantine studies--but it is also the site

Quotas, HRO Style

Almost everyone is involved in the controversy--Dean Epps, Conductor Yannatos, most Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra members--agrees that a 100 per cent Harvard