Erica L. Werner

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Mr. Payback directed by Bob Gale starring Christopher Lloyd M r. Payback," billed as Hollywood's first interactive movie, is further

On the Verge of Bursting the Corset Stays

"Ladies, shall we whack the bush?" "Hooper do!" "What is life without a loofah?" This is the travelling through time.

Prozac Nation: Elizabeth Wurtzel's Unofficial Guide to Whining

I was, like, totally depressed. Then I got totally wasted. Then I called this boy, and I was like, "I'm

There's No Excuse For Bad Behavior

I was expecting the worst when I put on Sandra Bernhard's new CD "Excuses for Bad Behavior, part I," and

The Windy Shitty

There is only one thing more horrific than an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, and that is and Andrew Lloyd Weber

Perpetuating the Beauty Myth

T here are too many thin people at Harvard. One of them is Evan P. Cucci '96, whose ridiculously offensive

Rapturous 'Raptors

Last Sunday we paid a call on playwright/chanteuse Erica Werner in her capacious Adams House brownstone. We found Ms. Werner,

Not So Super 'Cuts'

Not only is Robert Altman's "Short Cuts" a travesty of the Raymond Carver short stories upon which it is based,

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Headline:She Misses Flying Home: Many places, and Dunster House Age: 23 Concentration: Folklore and Mythology Where she's from: That's hard