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World Travelers With a Purpose

While students at Harvard were busy studying a few years ago, a man knocked on a missionary's door in Strasbourg,

Boston Theater Refuses to Be Upstaged

R ECENTLY, playwright David Mamet moved to Cambridge. Maybe he knows something that New York theater-goers would be reluctant to

Class of '92 Applications Highest Ever

A record number of students, including more minorities, women and non-Easterners than ever before, have applied for a place in

The Extra Benefits of Exercise

Women who have been forcing themselves to exercise regularly to get into shape and lose unwanted pounds may find that

Symposium Discusses AIDS

Prevention is the only real hope in fighting AIDS, speakers said yesterday at a symposium held in the Science Center.

Moving Day at Children's Hospital

Tuesday was no ordinary day at Children's Hospital, one of the 13 Harvard teaching hospitals. Beginning at 6 a.m., 70

Les Magnifiques

Les Miserables Written by Alain Boublil and Claude- Michel Schonberg English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer Directed and adapted by John

Workers Stopped Oil Leakage Before It Could Reach Charles

An oil spill in a park less than a quarter mile from the Harvard athletic fields caused little environmental damage,

Half-century Veterans Chronicle Changes

Harvard Square isn't what it used to be. Once, college students had manners. Harvard men wore ties and blazers; Radcliffe