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A Love Triangle on the Cape

The Summer People Marge Piercy Summit Books 390 pp. $19.95 S TART with a love triangle, its vertices a married

Coping With Death, Possessing a Life

The Letter Left to Me By Joseph McElroy New York: Alfred A. Knopf $ 16.95 T HE theme of children

Maternal Triangle

The Good Mother Written by Michael Bortman Directed by Leonard Nimoy At the USA Harvard Square I hadn't cried at

Training a New Female Work Force

Sometimes it seems that until a problem has a name, nothing is done to solve it. At least that's seemed

Judge's Ruling May Crimp MIT Project

A superior court judge reversed a Cambridge Rent Control Board decision last week in a move that could throw a

City Planners Consulting the Neighbors

Cambridge city officials are trying a new type of municipal planning that works with local residents to guide future development

North End Impressions

A horse and carriage trundled down the street--top-hatted driver dressed in nineteenth century black and white, flickering his whip half-heartedly

Comedy Is Not Pretty

Punchline Written and directed by David Seltzer At the USA Cheri "T HE most important thing in life is being

Personality Over Platform

I didn't watch the presidential debate on Sunday night. I felt bad about it at first--as though I wasn't interested

Growing Up and Branching Out

Although the new University-wide AIDS Institute is still in its infancy, scholars here have already taken steps to organize a

Threatening Phone Calls Harass University of Michigan Students

State and federal authorities are currently investigating a series of threatening phone calls directed at members of gay and anti-racist

Conant Fellows: Teachers Who Learn

Traditionally, teachers have spent most of their time at the front of the classrooms. Harvard's Conant Fellowships give them a

Thernstrom Only Provoking Original Thoughts

T HE charge of racial insensitivity that students have leveled against Winthrop Professor of History Stephan Thernstrom is an unfortunate

University to Buy Building, Then Sell to Non-Profit Firm

Harvard officials recently announced that they will exercise their option to buy a rent-controlled building on Ware St. that they

Revitalization Plan Approved

The Cambridge City Council last night took action to implement a revitalization plan for Central Square. The plan would re-zone