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"Graffiti" Director Delivers Cliched but Dazzling Epic

An unseen bead of perspiration trickled its way down through the small of my back to the sashed waistline of

Busted at the Border

T HE SUBMERGENCE of identity, its apparent destruction, and its final reassertion will remain, for most of us, abstract concepts

A Misbegotten Marriage

W ATCHING GOIN' SOUTH makes you think Burt Reynolds must have had something to do with it. The cutting one-liners

Eavesdropping on Experience

Y OU OFTEN OVERHEAR bizarre snippets of conversation in a theater lobby or a screening room right before show time.

The Discreet Lies of ITT

I appreciate this opportunity to appear before this subcommittee to clarify the facts regarding ITT's concern and actions with respect

The Sum of the Parts...

W HILE CERTAIN RISKS attend any attempt to read into a single sequence the essence of a feature-length film, one

Beating a Dead Parrot

M ONTY PYTHON'S BRAND of humor always seemed peculiarly suited to the ear, not the eye. The ridiculous inflections of

Moss Gathering

I NVENTORS have a way of getting bored with their creations, and would-be magazine mogul Jann Wenner has proven to

A Clash of Two Wills

I N THE MINDS of many film critics and committed moviegoers, Sidney Lumet has been tried, convicted and sentenced. His

Honor Among Thieves

P LACE YOURSELF in the position of entering a penitentiary for the first time in your life, if only for

Unwrapping Mr. Goodbar

T HE FASCINATION with the woman who is hopelessly damned often defies explanation, but the reality of the reaction is

A Chic Sheik

K EN RUSSELL seems to have hit upon a formula for making films. He finds some big celebrity with little

Open Season for Prosecutions

T HE LINED leaf of notebook paper bears an almost illegible scribbling, the kind of hurried writing you associate with

Through A Lens Darkly...

G ERMAN CINEMA has pretty much emerged over the past few years from the considerable shadow once cast over the

Star Escape

A N UNSEEN BEAD of perspiration trickled its way down through the small of my back to the sashed waistline