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Knockin' on Ronnie's Door

"C RITICS OF Foreign Policy Stage '60-Style Protest" read the headline in The Washingtion Post. The story ran on the

Time for Fairness

U NIVERSITY OFFICIALS ANNOUNCED last week that they have completed a tentative plan for replacing the notorious Committee on Rights

Pregnancy and Privacy

T HE AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union is calling it the case of the "prenatal police patrol." The San Diego District

A Time to Shift Gears

T HE ANTI-APARTHEID movement at Harvard should start to spend less time protesting the University's investment policy. While the value

A Moment of Crisis

I N THE WAKE of several successes this year, divestment activists at Harvard face a perilous crossroads. The movement is

A Stupidity So Immense

W HILE RONALD REAGAN was chuckling this weekend at Rancho Cielo over his successful political maneuvers both in the Senate

Thugs, Not Freedom Fighters

J UDGING BY THE Reagan Administration's lobbying effort, the President's $100 million aid package for the Contras is the most

Restore Our Rights Right Now

E NFORCING CIVIL RIGHTS laws has not been a priority for the Reagan Administration. Since kicking off its campaign by

Intervening for Democracy?

D EMOCRACY IS ALL the rage in Washington this week. Faced with a phenomenal popular revolt against longtime U.S. client

Sizing Up the Council

I N AN ODD way it is difficult to argue that student government at Harvard should be political. How do

Don't Be Hoodwinked

T HE UNDERGRADUATE Council referendum asks what appear to be two very simple questions. The first question is, "Harvard University

Cynical Charity

A NTI-APARTHEID activists would have been hard-pressed to imagine a more damning reductio ad absurdum of Harvard's policies toward South

Lost Machismo

T HE SPACE SHUTTLE Challenger blew up. Rockets, even $1.2 billion rockets, blow up. Being strapped to a several hundred

Umbrella Terrorism

I T IS UMBRELLA season in Cambridge once again. But while some may curse the rain and see these ubiquitous

Saving the World From Itself

A MERICANS HAVE JUST begun to discover the damage that decades of careless industry have done to their environment. In