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Reading Between the Lines

S OMETIMES I THINK I'm crazy when I hear the Fl Salvadorean and U.S. governments deny killings by the National

Source Confirms Massacre Report In El Salvador

A French press correspondent in Quito. Ecuador yesterday confirmed reports that the El Salvadoran military killed 1500 El Salvadoran for

Mexican Poet Carlos Fuentes: At Home Abroad

He's a world-reknowned writer, has been a diplomat, and is now a Fellow at Dartmouth College. For many people, Carlos

Epiphanic Moments

U NLIKE SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR or Gerda Lerner, Jane O'Reilly will probably not go down in history as one of

Somewhere in Argentina...

Every Thursday the women stand in silent protest by the president's palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They don't do much--just

Revolution in a Revolution

"I USED TO BE passive," the Nicaraguan woman in fatigues holding a menacing machine gun says, "until I fought in

The New Heart of Darkness

A CCORDING TO SHIVA and V.S. Naipaul, Mistah Kurtz--he ain't dead. His capacity for barbarism is alive in African dictators

The Day of the Hydra

F ELIX MALDONADO woke up one morning to find he lost his face and name. Or rather, Felix Maldonado woke

The Sound is God

For most Americans, Indian music is one of those fads that went out with the '60s. It conjures up images

Visiting Artist Louise Nevelson Discusses Sculpture And Life

"Art is the transcending of materials and presence--it is the highest place we can go," Louise Nevelson, one of America's

Farmworkers' Supporters Avoid Brush With Police

Five Harvard students narrowly avoided a conflict with Boston police Thursday after protesting with supporters of the United Farm Workers

Republican Club Appeals to Dean Epps For Settlement of Election Controversy

Archie C. Epps III, dean of students, will meet with Harvard Republican Club officers this Friday in an attempt to

CAR Protesters Attack Alleged Harvard Racism

Firing what one member called "the opening shot in a spring campaign against racism," forty members of the Boston and

Plastic To Replace Broken Glass Roof On Science Center

Science Center glass roofing which collapsed under snow weight on January 9 will be replaced with a polycarbon-plastic substitute called