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Heat Cost May Rise With Harsh Winter

This year's cold weather may force the University to exceed its alloted steam heating budget by between $140,000 and $193,000,

...And Oarsmen Get Tour, Second Place in Egypt

With sightseeing as its top priority and rowing as a secondary concern, the Harvard heavyweight varsity crew team spent a

Andrew Puopolo Dies; Memorial Fund Established

Andrew Puopolo '77, the Harvard football player who was stabbed in Boston's Combat Zone on November 16, died December 17

Factory-Made 'Homemade' Ice Cream

Last February, after several consumers had complained, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office took Bic's ice cream parlor to court, alleging

Student Voters Break Record

Seventy-five per cent of those eligible to vote in the precinct that includes Harvard Yard and six of the River

Young Activists On U.S. Tour Study Politics

Twenty-five young political leaders from the NATO countries visited Harvard yesterday as part of a two-week tour to study U.S.

McCarthy Campaigns Gains Support at the University

The two-party system is "just not a working choice," Jeffrey Holman '78, a self-proclaimed radical and organizer of Harvard Students

Tufts Considering Whether to Build Veterinary School

The Tufts University Medical Center is considering plans to establish the first veterinary school in New England, a Tufts spokesman

Fall Exam Takers Rise 30 Per Cent From 1975 Levels

Three hundred and forty-nine students are taking make-up exams this week, 30 per cent more than last year, Marion Belliveau,