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When Apathy Is Pathetic

A FEW DOZEN students risked their academic careers and set up structures in Harvard Yard to protest certain of the

Rejuvenating Radcliffe

R ADCLIFFE STILL EXISTS, and not just on paper. Radcliffe raises money, funds scholarships, runs a library, a research center,

Reflections on the SCR

T HIS MONTH, you're going to have visitors. Prestigious, interesting, famous visitors. They are going to come to your house

A Long and Winding Road

A N OLD AND jaded Harvard professor strolled past the Cabot House renovations last week and remarked that education at

Social Diseases

S ports question of the week, from Billy R. in Newark, New Jersey: "Is baseball going to end up like

Bad, Bad Imam

A bad man, a very bad man, a reactionary cleric, a towel-headed mullah ("towel-head" for short), a "cruel despot," a

Skocpol Negotiates Tenure Offer

Harvard seems to be negotiating in good faith with sociologist Theda R. Skocpol, whom President Bok tenured last month after

Some ROTC Classes May Get Credit

Harvard may sign an agreement granting students credit for a few Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) classes at MIT.

Faculty Votes to Award Degrees Posthumously

The Faculty agreed yesterday in a near-unanimous voice vote to grant posthumous degrees to students-who die after completing degree requirements

The Ghosts of Protests Past...

E ASTER 1963. Seven thousand pacifists gather at the United Nations Plaza in New York for the annual Faster Peace

Waiting for the White Smoke: A Peek at Harvard's Tenure Searches

An Overview T enure searches at Harvard are said to be a serious, stately matter, with built-in checks and balances

Harvard Says Junior Faculty Is Happy

Harvard yesterday released the results of last year's extensive survey of junior faculty, painting a generally positive picture of the

Minority Student Protesters Rally for Third World Faculty

Several dozen students rallied yesterday afternoon in front of University Hall, draping a Ku Klux Klan mask on the statue

Tenure in the Courts

I t is referred to, by those who watch such things, as the $1 million decision-whether to grant tenure to

Tim Scanlon

It's a steep climb up three floors to the bare office of newly arrived Professor of Philosophy Thomas N. Scanlon,