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Taking Refuge in Cambridge

At Centro Presente, a support agency for Boston-area Central American refugees, an E1 Salvadoran explains his predicament to Jennifer Gordon

Visiting Scholar Creates a Passage to India

You've read "A Passage to India" and "The Jewel in the Crown." You've seen the movie "Gandhi" twice. You have

A New Twist to An Old Cone

First there were mix-ins. Then came oreo ice cream. Waffle cones hit the ice cream scene next, and they were

Bailey Goes to Broadway

You're writing a play about Cicero and ancient Rome. You want to make it historically accurate, but you hardly know

Modeling His Way to the Top

One year ago, Professor of Government Kenneth A. Shepsle was in the middle of the country, choosing between coasts. Then

Bok, Nieman Foundation Appeal for Journalist's Release

President Derek C. Bok and the Nieman Foundation independently sent telegrams to Soviet officials this week, in an effort to

Darn, Fresh Out of Penicillin

Harvard's efforts to help developing countries improve their medical facilities may at times worsen the country's health problems, Professor of

Overworked and Misdirected

Mixing personal and affectionate reminiscences and lively criticism, three professors yesterday compared the Harvard University of 50 years ago to

Let's Talk

The United States should negotiate with the Soviet Union in good faith even if it is coercive or has lied