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Longshots Unite in Concord

CONCORD, N.H.--What would happen if they held a presidential debate and no one showed up? Several hundred Granite State residents

President Highlights Campaign Goals, Vision

MANCHESTER, N.H.--Despite facing no opposition in today's Democratic primary, President Clinton last weekend hit the campaign trail in the Granite

Kennedys, Kerry Display Party Unity in Boston

BOSTON, MA--In a show of Democratic Party solidarity, Massachusetts' two senators and three of its representatives attended the Budget Priorities

Annenberg Hall Opens to Diners

Annenberg Hall opened its doors to first-years this week, to the resounding approval of students. Open since Sunday, the newly

Weld Proposes Alcohol Reform

Following his State of the State address last week, Governor William F. Weld '66 announced a proposal which could make

Nigeria Boycott Urged

Hafsat D. Abiola '96, daughter of the democratically elected president of Nigeria, addressed the Undergraduate Council last night, successfully garnering

U.C. Elects New Official

The newly elected chair of the Undergraduate Council's Student Affairs Committee, a member of the progressive slate, may be a

U.C.Condemns Kidd Choice

The Undergraduate Council will send a letter to Harvard administrators "condemning" the process by which Judith H. Kidd was chosen

Council Battles Sagging School Spirit

Harvard's school spirit, or lack thereof, dominated debate at last night's Undergraduate Council meeting. In a marathon meeting in which

U.C. to Register Voters

Students with an eye toward participation in the upcoming Cambridge City Council elections can register to vote from 11 a.m.


Forget rhetoric. Forget propaganda. Jeremy R. Jenkins '98-'97 is out to become the first Philosopher King of the Undergraduate Council.

Financial Status of Ball Is Said to Be Improving

As the Undergraduate Council's first-ever campus-wide gala ball approaches, its financial forecast is appearing much brighter. Two weeks ago, organizers

Ten Radcliffe Public Policy Fellows Ready for Year of Study, Teaching

Last month, Robert Packwood (R-Ore.) announced his resignation from the Senate in tears, proclaiming his love for the nation and

Poet, Lawyer Tenured

Daniel I. Halperin, a U.S. Treasury official during the Carter administration and current Gerogetown law school professor, has accepted a

President Outlines Goals for New Year

Lobbying for financial aid and basic research funding in Washington, upholding the University's academic mission and continuing faculty recruitment are