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On the Inaugural

It is the newly formed president's duty, as well as ours, to extend the history of American promise into another

The Road to the Rhodes

A peculiar thing happened this week. For the first time in 70 years, a Harvard student was not among the

Lola's American Deli

A short time ago my mom called with some sad news. At the time I was in the middle of


Queer Nebraska

Let's face it. Some states beg to be called backward. Take Nebraska for instance, where last Tuesday residents voted to


A Democratic Perversity

In six days the collective inattention of an apathetic and uneducated electorate will enable the victory of Texas Gov. George


Paying Servants for Their Service

Even as we race towards the election, the battle to define Clinton's legacy is taking shape. Prominent in this debate


From Democracy to Corporacy

Ralph Nader knows when to cry foul. We would do well to heed his latest alarm, sounded Sunday at the

While We Dally, Hot Zones Erupt

Despite what you are hearing from the puerile American media, substantive developments with serious repercussions are occurring in the world

Prof. Spins Alternate TWA 800 Theory

Nearly two years ago TWA Flight 800 exploded and fell from the sky off of the coast of Long Island,

Aide Defends Clinton at ARCO

Sidney Blumenthal, assistant to President Clinton, blasted independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr while highlighting the accomplishments of the Clinton administration

Sleepless in Holworthy

Today is Wednesday. I am halfway there. In a mere two days I will pull the shade down, turn the

More Than Three Lies

W e've all seen them. Whether in front of the Science Center or on the steps of Widener Library, the