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The War Game

Peter Watkins' The War Game has become an artifact of its society as well as a film: the cause celebre


The Prologue to Ben Jonson's Volpone promises to "rub your cheeks on, red with laughter. They shall look fresh a

The Classic Proportions of Kazantzakis

Report to Greco is an indestructible vision. It is the kind of book which no one has been writing because

Zorba the Greek

Zorba the Greek resembles the Cretan landscape which it portrays so magnificently. Its themes are as ancient and clean-cut and

House Beautiful--Search for a Sixpence

Phyllis McGinley's Sixpence In Her Shoe should be required reading for every Radcliffe student. The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet talks about

Lyricism Today Demands Music

"Unless some poets are willing to experiment with words set to music, the lyric impulse may fade out completely," C.

Edward Dahlberg's Philosophical, Lyrical Autobiography

The dustjacket calls Edward Dahlberg's Because I Was Flesh an autobiography--but the inadequacy of this label constantly astounds the reader.

'68 Will Live In Off-Campus 'Cliffe Houses

Thirty-two Radcliffe freshmen will live in off-campus houses this year for the first time in Radcliffe's history. A rooming shortage

Tigers Win Tournament; Crimson Fencers Ninth

As Princeton swept to an 81-win victory, Harvard dropped to ninth place in the second and final day of the