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Turning 30

S OME THINGS left over from the "Stuff I Think" file that were too short to make a full column:


I N MY last column, I made a pejorative reference to a magazine--which may or may not exist--called Physicist's Weekly.

Money for Nothing

T HE STORY you are about to hear is true. The names haven't even been changed, because I don't know

Easy Money

I DON'T KNOW why it took me so long to realize which career will provide me with the most money

Just Say No to 65

T HEY SAY you aren't supposed to drive a new car more than 55 miles per hour in the first

The Plane Truth

S INCE I WROTE this week's column on a plane, I though it appropriate to write on planes, and, more

Play Ball

O NCE UPON a time there was a game called football. Men dressed up in funny-looking knickers and leather helmets

The Border Order

ONE MILE NORTH OF THE MEXICAN BORDER, CALIF.-- A NYBODY WHO is unhappy with this country, please step forward. Then

Avoiding Bugbears, Hopefully

A FTER DINNER-TABLE discussions about the usual garbage--hockey games; the NCAA playoffs; who's better, the Mets or the Yankees; who