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Nader Discusses Role of Students As Investigators

Student investigators can work in a "new arena" to curb the abuses of a corporation-dominated society, Ralph Nader said yesterday.

Design School

The student-faculty assembly of the Graduate School of Design will refuse to send any representative to President Pusey's 68-man crisis

Cambridge Residents Hear SDS Speakers

A community rally in support of the six SDS demands attracted 200 people--half of them students--to the Central Square Post

Ivy Wall

T HE ISOLATION of Morningside Heights from the rest of New York begins on the IRT run uptown. All of

Moving South

N O ONE EVER really believed that Radcliffe would stay north of the subway kiosk indefinitely. Certainly not Mrs. Agassiz,

Phillips Books Agrees To Rehire Organizer

The Phillips Book Store in Harvard Square agreed yesterday to rehire a union organizer discharged on Feb. 10, ending a

Book Clerks Plan to Picket Phillips Store

Employees of the Phillips Book Store in Harvard Square and the labor committee of H-R SDS will picket the store

Tricks of the Trade

M ORE THAN half a decade before Rachel Carson published The Silent Spring, a Princeton undergraduate named Ralph Nader successfully

Luise Vosgerchian

T HE FERVOR Luise Vosgerchian brings to her music once led a reviewer to issue a warning. "A bit of