Phoebe Kosman

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Well, This Could Be the Last Time

When I came down with a hacking cough last week, I headed to the Harvard University Health Services (UHS) pharmacy

Fictional Harvard

In the absence of actual post-graduate plans, a couple of my roommates and I plan to spend the summer writing

Erin Go Bragh

I administered a vicious pinch to one of my roommates at lunch last Thursday. “Ow!” he said. “What was that

What Would Byron Do?

Two months before he died of fever in Missolonghi in western Greece, broken and legendary at 36, George Gordon, Lord

I Never Thought You’d Do Recruiting

Even now you see them hurrying by you down Plympton Street, conservative ties fluttering, cell phones at their ears, portfolios

It's For You

Whenever I hear a tinny rendition of “Silver Bells,” I rummage through my bag and all my coat pockets, feeling

What Happened in Winesburg

Clyde, a town of 6,000 in northern Ohio, is best-known for its pseudonymous turn as Winesburg in Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg,

When We Were One-and-Twenty

When I talked to my eighteen-year-old brother the morning after Election Day, he was despondent. “You know I’m going to

The Rough Streets of Cambridge

I watched the last half-inning of last week’s American League Championship Series in my common room, with what may have