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The two masks of Harvard drama

W hen William Paul Rauch '84 and Paul Wellman Warner '84 first came to Harvard, both of them wanted to

A Voice of One's Own

T O READ Margaret Atwood's own voice--as opposed to one of the many voices of her fictional and poetic personae--is

Love's Verbosity

T HE MAINSTAGE is still making the same old mistake. It's impossible to appreciate the considerable amount of fine acting

A Harvard Nancy Drew

T HINK BACK to the people in your freshman seminar. How well did you ever actually know any of them?

Belleboys in Love

Jungle Belles Hasty Pudding Theatricals #136 Book and Lyrics by Anthony Calnek '84 and Alison Taylor '84 Music by David

Power Shortage

C HOOSING TO PRESENT a play as good as Ibsen's Hedda Gabler --as the Quincy House Drama Society must have

Twisted but Truthful

A T HIS FREQUENT BEST, playwright Sam Shepard uses grisly explorations of family frictions and anxieties to roil up the

Her Honor, The Lord Mayor

S ALLY RIDE probably put it best when she got around to commenting on the media adoration which, several weeks

Ordinary People

H ARVARD AGREED more than a year ago that there was something called "sexual harassment" and that, on the simplest

Fear and Loathing in Suburbia

A FAINT UNEASINESS hangs over all Frederick Barthelme's short stories, a subtle, inescapable sense of skewed perspective Even reading snippets

Scandalous Fun

A UDIENCES at English comedies written before 1800 usually spend the first act on the edge of their seats, so

Juvenile Delinquency

E VERY EVENING this week at the Loeb, upwards of 40 talented people have convened to pour their creative energies

Pure Will

T HE MOST STRIKING theatrical effect in the Boston Shakespeare Company's current production of Julius Caesar is one that Shakespeare

Fishing for an Answer

S OME OF US, the sensible ones, never doubted that Monty Python had an inside line on the meaning of


A pre-housing lottery maniac once described Lowell House "a place where you'll get a lot of wear out of a