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Joy in Motown

DETROIT-- And the windup, and the pitch...He swings--a line shot, base hit! Right field. The tigers win it. The Tigers

The Olympics and a Stranger's Politics

Politics and the Olympics? Must they, and should they, be separated from one another? Every place, anytime, sitting around any

The Dream That Died

And suddenly there is nothing. It all came crashing down last night, and the dream of capturing the Ivy League

You Call It

Tonight's the night Cornell comes to town, and just about every body has something to say as the Harvard men's

Stacking the Deck?

A BOUT 60 PERCENT SAY NO, 30 percent say yes, and the other 10 percent aren't sure. The question is

Amazing! Cagers Shock Tigers, 55-50

PRINCETON. N.J.--The deafening rear of the 3931 at Princeton's Jadwin Gymnasium suddenly diminished to a confused murmur. It all seemed

The Media: the True Olympic Loser

It doesn't pay to advertise the coming of a miracle, because more often than not, miracles don't happen on command.

Easy: Cagers Thump the, Bruins, 85-66

What's the difference between being keyed up to take on Atlantic Coast Conference power Duke on Wednesday and hosting the

Blue Devils Slip Past Cagers, 89-86

The 2580 in the stands kept wondering: how long could Harvard continue to keep its head above water? When would