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Nukes Without Illusions

T HE MUCH HERALDED "nuclear debate" of the past few years has often seemed little more than a shouting match.

How Not to Beat Reagan

P REPOSTEROUSLY ENOUGH, speculation persists over Ronald Reagan's plans for 1984. Of course the President is running for reelection. Each

Roar of the Greasepaint

Of Mines and Men Hasty Pudding Theatrical #135 Book and lyrics by Michael McClung '83 Music composed by Frederick Frever

A Terrible Thing to Waste

T HE FULL FACULTY of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University rarely moats anymore, but when it does, the gathering

Back on the Trail

B ELA LUGOSI DIED MIDWAY through the shooting of his last film, but that didn't stop his directors from replacing

Students Plan to Picket Controversial Law Class

A controversial Law School civil rights course will be greeted with "non confrontational picketing" when it gets underway this week.

Harvard Ties Hinder New President

Mexico's next president will be sworn into office today with the opportunity to use his Kennedy School of Government training

Carter and the Politics of Faith

T HE HISTORIANS WHO MAKE a habit of ranking American Presidents are not going to treat Jimmy Carter well. Under

Of Wimps and Toughs

R UNNING FOR the Republican presidential nomination early in 1968. Michigan Gov. George Romney did himself in when he admitted