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Her Own Footsteps

Remembering her undergraduate days at Harvard, Nina Bernstein '70 recalls how determined she was "not to become a journalist." Thirteen

There and Back Again:

Mary C. Hennessey '84-5 spent her year dishing out food to the homeless on Los Angeles' Skid-Row. Pamela Leroy '82-4

Harvard's Pig Roasting Ruggers Capture Ivies if Not Rucked Over

"If I were the marrying kind, which thank the Lord, I'm not, sir. The kind of man that I would

Twelve New Niemans Tapped From Television, Newspapers

The Nieman Foundation will announce today that of the 12 journalists chosen to serve next year as Nieman fellows, three

Class of 1957 Hold Panelon Social Activism

While Harvard alumni reunions are traditionally marked by outings, handiest and fundraising soirees, this year annual whirl of events has

Borg's Day In Court

For the past decade, Bjorn Borg has dominated the scene on the international tennis courts. Now the 25-year-old Swedish champion

Tennis Served a Double Fault

Try to imagine the travesty that would result if, prior to the baseball season, the World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers

No More Kid Gloves

A FTER LENDING Ronald Reagan's presidency an unusually long immunity from criticism, the media has recently begun to strip its

Making Headway: A Prince Turns King

When they first hit the courts six years ago. oversized tennis racquets immediately drew the scorn and skepticism of any

Brown Students Face Disciplinary Action

Four students at Brown University last week were charged with disruptive behavior for interrupting a speech by William Casey, director

'Rightist' Journalist Lauds South African Apartheid

Praising the current system of racial segregation in South Africa, apartheid, as favorable to Blacks and whites, a noted European

Penn Professors Develop New Battery Technology

Two professors at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) have developed a technology that may lead to the marketing of the

Will Speech No. 2

Arguing that government has a responsibility to impose and solidify virtue in its citizens, conservative columnist George F. Will last

Alumnae Gather for Fundraising Drive

The Radcliffe College Fund began the third year of its five-year fund-raising effort yesterday, as more than 100 alumnae from

Conference to Plot Strategy Against Capital Punishment

More than 500 Boston residents will gather at the Law School this Saturday to plan a strategy for the first