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Search for Masters Narrows

With the new masters of Cabot, Currier and Winthrop Houses set to be appointed by the end of next week,

The New Trials of Heading A House

Winthrop House Master Paul D. Hanson and Co-Master Cynthia Rosenberger were the first to announce their resignation in September. Currier’s

Masters Ware of Cabot Resign

Less than three weeks after the Currier House masters announced their resignation, Cabot House Masters Janice and James H. Ware

College Extends Tutor Evaluations

In an effort to encourage exam-weary students to participate in the online tutor survey, College administrators extended the period that

Lewis Aims To Appoint New Masters by March

With an old search in Winthrop stalled and a new one in Currier set off by a resignation announcement last

Masters Okay Tutor Review

The House Masters last week approved a plan for student evaluations of resident tutors following a College-wide push—with the notable

Adams Senior Tutor Urges Return to House Tradition

Days after the poorly attended Adams House Masquerade and in anticipation of tonight’s Drag Night, the senior tutor of Adams

Students Doubt Pudding’s New Punch

This evening, the Hasty Pudding Social Club will hold the final event of a three-night initiation for its 42 new

Quincy Grille Swings Back Into Action

The neon “Quincy Grille” sign buzzed on for its grand opening Sunday night, attracting an enthusiastic and hungry crowd for

Former Editor, 31, Dies

Philippe E. Wamba ’93, the former editor of who wrote about his roots in Africa and the U.S., was

Distinctions Popular But Underpublicized

Renee J. Gasgarth ’03, a psychology concentrator who is also pre-med, had been taking Spanish courses at Harvard for several

Top Officials Discuss Black Sea Security

Four prominent national security leaders of former Soviet states met yesterday to discuss the status of security in the Black

Harvard Chess Team Fourth Best in Country

In an anticipated but disappointing loss, Harvard’s chess team took fourth place in the national Final Four chess tournament in

Chess Team Preps For Final Four

Despite Harvard’s reputation as a haven for braininess, the Harvard chess team is the underdog at the ‘Final Four’ national

Groups Screen Hate Crime Film

In an effort to promote student awareness about racial profiling, the Asian American Association (AAA) and the Harvard Foundation for