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The first time I saw Phoenix she was wearing a red g-string and highheels; her hair also had red highlights,

Cheesy Politics

I was concerned about the State of the Union, particularly my state (which is nebulously, Wisconsin) and so I decided


I first met COCA in the Dunster House dining hall. I was eating dinner (as one does in this politically

Weak Gravity in America

W E Americans live on a vast patch of the earth, a sweep of scattered geography in which states tumble

Post-Election Escapism

W HEN I found out that Bush got elected, I decided to go to Reading, Mass. Yes, there's a leap

Saving Beacons of History

Imagine knowing that the Mississippi River had been dammed and drained into dusty extinction. Or that every wolf, every eagle,

Situations Wanted

A city can be seen from millions of different angles, and for each perspective there exists a separate city. This

Tom Waits: Making it Big

Big Time Conceived by Tom Waits Directed by Chris Lum Shown during the Boston Film Festival O CCUPYING the screen

Fourth Grade Blue

F IVE BUCKS SHE'S FAT." "Five bucks she's fat and ugly ." "No, no, no. This is it. Ugly is