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Midwestern Reporter Praises Passing, Shooting of Sextet

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 30--Harvard's hockey team closed fast tonight to take the second and final game of its vacation series from


MINNEAPOLIS. Minn., Oct. 5--The amount of angry mail that has crossed sports editors' desks in this town since Minnesota dropped

Eliot Rally Tops Davenport Sextet

NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 26--Eliot House, undefeated in hockey since the war, kept its streak going at the expense of


"Mr. Roberts" has enjoyed success in three forms: as a series of short stories in the Atlantic Monthly, as a


"I'm a peculiar kind of private citizen," is the way David Lilienthal characterizes his present situation. Just how peculiar that

The Sporting Scene

The easiest way to think of Arthur Valpey right now is as an eminently intelligent businessman who calculated the odds

Egg in Your Beer

The tortuous proceedings of the NCAA conference last weekend provide an interesting commentary on the minds and consciences of the


They say there are people who don't think W.C. Fields is the funniest man in the world. Such individuals probably

University, HAA Silent; Ivy League Comments on Bingham's Statement

Official silence closed in on the HAA and University Hall yesterday following Wednesday night's statement by William J. Bingham '16,

Bingham Sees New Football Fiscal Policies, Scheduling

Harvard University will soon guarantee jobs to athletes and assume at least part of the financing of the Athletic Association,

Egg in Your Beer

"I urge all Harvard alumni and undergraduates to give Coach Valpey their utmost cooperation, and help him by obtaining promising

The Working Press

Here is a rare and remarkable book. The reader can pick it up and read an expose of asylum condition

'Something of a Man'

This latest attempt to cover the subject of John L. Lewis in one volume makes exciting, highly colorful reading. It


Time was when Eddie Condon's saloon on Third Street rattled nightly with inspired polyphony from George Brunis' trombone and Bill

Harvard Football: Which Way Out?

This article has not been written because of outside pressure; it has been written because of the authors' conviction that