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Scholars Look at Games People Play

Only a few blocks from the crowded arcades of Elsie's and Tommy's, video games were being examined this week in

Character Assassination

T HERE ARE SOME WRITERS who seem quite fund of the characters they create. Paul Theroux, on the other hand,

Cruising for a Bruising

S tephen King's characters live in places like Libertyville, Penn., and travel to Pittsburgh for a special trip. They drink

The Cookie Jar

O NE of the stock pledges of the Washington-bound reformer. Democratic of Republican, is to trim the "fat" and stop

Cleaning Up The Mess

L IKE THE POISON that spreads invisibly from underground toxic waste dumps into our drinking water, the various facets of

Concrete Culture

I N THE PIONEER DAYS, when most people lived in the countryside, the trip to town for supplies was a

Sharing The Castle's Riches

The Undergraduate Council this year became the first student group at Harvard officially charged with doling out grants to student

Still Fighting

O N THE OCCASION of the first successful atomic explosion, J. Robert Oppenehimer wrote, "At last physics has known sin.

Registration Will Be Easy This Spring

Harvard undergraduates accustomed to unraveling a gnarl of red tape at registration will find their sojourn in Memorial Hall considerably

Mem Hall Beckons: Registration Looms For Upperclassmen

Upperclassmen who have been gradually trekking back to Cambridge this week and to their houses, which have been open since

Trying Harder

O ARSMEN LOVE TO talk about crew. put two of them together and you'll hear more about ergs, cadences and

Cases Linked In Hussain Rape Trial

All charges stemming from two alleged sexual assaults currently pending against former Harvard-affiliated doctor Arif Hussain will be tried together,

HRE Worker, Tenant Drop Charges

Attorneys for Harvard Real Estate (HRE) and a Ware St. tenant yesterday agreed in a pre-trial hearing to drop charges

Professors Protest Senate Bill As Threat to Civil Liberties

Fourteen Harvard professors and 22 student groups have signed a letter urging Massachusetts congressmen to reject a proposed revision of

Analysts Discuss Shortcomings Of Japan-U.S. Trade Relations

Japanese and American government officials sharply differed last night at a Kennedy School Forum in their explanations of the two