Carla D. Williams

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A Universal Struggle

Williams in a member of the Spartacus Youth League O N NOVEMBER 30 of last year the Spartacist League successfully

Action Across the Spectrum

B ACK IN THE LATE '60s, college campuses were a constant concern for American government and campus administrators. Now, most

Public Policy Program Sees Rise in Matriculation

The number of students who will enter the Kennedy School of Government's two year Master of Public Policy program (MPP)

A Viable Alternative?

I am not a Spart. Nor am I now or have I ever been a member of the Communist Party.

Washington Attacks Right Wing Politics

Chicago Mayor Harold Washington cited the need for unity and strong leadership in the Democratic Party in a speech last

Training Tomorrow's Third World Leaders

"Mister, please, Excuse me sir. You must pay me more." The rug salesman is near pleading on his knees, or

K-School Draws Top Number Of Federal Government Interns

Eighteen students at the Kennedy School of Government will be eligible for positions in the federal government upon graduation, as

K-School Dean To Head Flynn Staff

Norman R. Smith, assistant dean of the Kennedy School of Government, will leave his post after Commencement to become senior

K-School Gets Research Grant From Japanese Corporation

The Kennedy School of Government has received a $250,000 grant from a Japanese electronics corporation to research international trade and