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Victory at Sea

Over the last two years a squad of NBC technicians and Navy people have been picking through 60 million feet

A Recent Invasion of Boston

Curiosity-seekers they were mostly. They had heard about it in advance--"an unprecedented invasion of traditionally-Democratic South Boston" the newspapers called

U.S.A. Confidential

A Hearst executive once told A. J. Liebling that "the public is interested in just three things: Blood, money, and...sexual

A Spy Reveals Mysterious, Dull Life

Herbert Philbrick joined the Cambridge Youth Council in 1940 and the Young Communist League in 1942. He got his Communist


They can afford to kill off Peter Lorre in the first fifteen minutes of Casablanca. That's how good it is.

Laugh at the Army?

Bill Mauldin's Army dates from 1939, from the lean waiting days of leggings, dishpan helmets, the first jeeps, and upended

God, Buckley, and Yale

Bill Buckley came to Yale in 1946 with deep-rooted beliefs in Christianity and individualism, beliefs which were probably shared by

Stairway to Heaven

You have a one-shot chance tonight to see one of the best movie fantasies ever made. "Stairway to Heaven" is

The Bookshelf

If the first function of a yearbook is to come out, the second is to come out good. For two