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Whodunit With a Twist

T HERE'S SOMETHING about English country houses that attracts a corpse. Walk into any Thropshire drawing room, peruse your surroundings

A Lame Alibi

O N DECEMBER 16, 1981, a Brooklyn woman named Shirley Santos--an unwed mother with six children--brought her four-year-old daughter to


W HEN I was in third grade at the New Lincoln School in Manhattan, a clever sex education teacher showed

New Directions on South St.

Once upon a time, more than a hundred years ago, a small group of Harvard men decided that they hated


I N 1978, actress Vanessa Redgrave won in academy award for her performance in "Julia." She used her acceptance speech,

Chic Lit

E MILY PRAGER HAS TAILORED her new collection of short stories to a narrow audience. Thirty-one-year-old graduates of elite private

Randy Andy

P ITY Prince Andrew, age 22. All he wanted, as the British are so lond of saying, was to have

Scenes of Paris

I N ONE PARTICULARLY poignant moment in Jean Jacques Beineix's new movie Diva. Cynthia Hawknis, the striking Black soprano of

Side by Side by Schubert

In chinos, basketball sneakers and a pink Lacoste shirt, Michael Schubert paces about the Hasty Pudding Club's cluttered office. "I